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There is a host of books and articles describing the customs of different villages and regions of Greece. Since the beginning of the century the seeds sown by professors of Folklore Studies have born fruit in abundance. Countless school-teachers, philologues and others have been motivated to collect folklore material and publish it, either in articles in journals or books produced at their own expense. Even greater is the volume of unpublished material reposited in the archives of different institutions, awaiting study.

The usefulness of this material is somewhat diminished by the fact that it was collected on the basis of personal criteria, in an arbitrary, unscientific way but the sheer quantity compensates for its suspect quality. Even today very few researchers bother to read the relevant Greek and foreign bibliography before embarking on a project. This may be because those involved in ethnographic research are primarily motivated by love of their national heritage and desperation at seeing it vanish as the days go by. It would be too much to expect these front-line ethnographers to spend time on more systematic preparation, this is left to those who will process and collate the information they salvage.

Even today the field for research is vast and wide open. With a modicum of observation one can pick out those aspects of traditional culture still extant. The ethnographer, like the archaeologist who digs the earth to discover the remains of ancient civilisation, delves deep into the memories of old persons in search of remnants of traditional culture.

In most of these publications there are sporadic references to dance, rarely more than a phrase or paragraph per volume, since, Greek folklorists, schooled in the classics and literature, tended to place most emphasis on the words of songs, proverbs, place names and folk tales. Even so, one can find vital information on the dances in the villages at the beginning of the century, before the major upheavals of wars, emigration and cultural assimilation. The collection of these references is now complete and they will be published in a forthcoming volume.

Another category of publications includes articles and books on Greek music. These are serious works and dance is often mentioned in them, albeit tangentially. On reading about the structure of the melody and rhythm in a particular piece of music, it is not difficult to extrapolate to the corresponding facets of dance. Similarly, the old recordings of songs and music enable the dancer to keep the modern musician "in check".

Finally, there is a small bibliography dealing specifically with Greek dance but, contrary to what one would expect, there lies a greater danger that the reader will be misinformed by consulting it. Because the authors do not have the appropriate educational background they try to impress the reader with meaning­less descriptions, untenable theories on the origin of the dances and arbitrary conclusions on their function. Only in the last few years have the first scholarly works appeared (cf. Loutzaki, Kilpatrick), founded on serious research and sound methodology.

A special case in this category of books on dance are the so-called "books of footsteps", directed at those who wish to learn the dances by placing one foot after the other. Needless to say, this method is far from satisfactory and it certainly deprives dance of its beauty, reducing it to no more than a series of steps. At best these books may be used to remind one of dances he has learnt in practice, assuming that they are described correctly.

In the following catalogue books and articles, in Greek and other languages, dealing exclusively or partially with dance in Greece are given. Dance is also mentioned in other publications, such as encyclopaedias, newspapers and magazines, historical and literary accounts.

As a rule, the older the text the scantier the information, yet the closer to the reality of traditional life. A researcher or dance group interested in a specific dance or type of dance can glean invaluable historical, social and even choreographic information from these references.

For information on traditional dance in general or in other countries, one should consult foreign-language books. These are not listed here since our subject is expressly Greek dance.


11.1 Bibliography in Greek

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12.2 Foreign bibliography

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12.3 Bookshops

Since the interest of the general public in books on folklore is rather limited, there are very few such volumes in stock in the bookshops. Moreover, the staff of these shops is rarely able to give the customer information on books in print. Listed below are a few central bookshops where one is more likely to find books on folklore. Otherwise these may be ordered from any bookshop, provided the customer gives the correct details from the catalogue, or obtained directly from the publisher. Some foreign-language bookshops are also mentioned where one can order non-Greek books.

Old books or those now out of print can be consulted in the libraries of the research institutions mentioned in the appropriate section. None of these are lending libraries but usually allow photocopying

12.3 Greek-language bookshops

"Vasileiou", 15 Hippokratous street, Athens 10679, tel. 3623382

"Dodoni", 3 Asklepiou street, Athens 10679, tel. 3637973

"Eleftheroudakis", 4 Nikis street, Athens 10563, tel. 3229388

"Endochora", Sina and Solonos street, Athens 10680, tel. 3637027

"Kardamitsa", 8 Hippokratous street, Athens 10672, tel. 3615156

"Estia-Kollaros", 60 Solonos street, Athens 10672, tel. 3635970

"Patsilinakos", 47 Panepistimiou street, Athens 10564, tel. 3227087


12.4 Foreign-language bookshops

German, 10 Stadiou and 4 Omirou street, Athens 10564, tel. 3225294

Compendium, 28 Nikis street, Plaka, Athens 10557, tel. 3244449

Eleftheroudakis, 4 Nikis street, Athens 10563, tel. 3229388

Kauffmann, 28 Stadiou street, Athens 11527, tel. 3222160

Panitoglou, 74 Akadimias street, Athens 10678, tel. 3634053, 3638124

Pantelidis, 11 Amerikis street, Athens 10672, tel. 3623673

Samouchos, 23 Amerikis street, Athens 10672, tel. 3624151

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